Clarity for Lawyers
Effective legal language
by Mark Adler and Daphne Perry

Who is this book for?

Lawyers and law-makers in England and beyond, and anyone interested in legal language.

What’s it for?

To make the law more transparent and legal writing more effective.

To make life easier for lawyers, their clients, and everyone else.

What's our approach?

We take many typical examples of legal writing and show why they don't work and how they can be improved.

We also consider the limitations of all language, however skilfully it is used.

And we suggest ways for busy lawyers to improve their writing a little at a time so that their workflow isn't interrupted.

Will you enjoy reading it?

We've tried to make it more interesting and readable than just a style guide. We hope that it will sometimes surprise you and sometimes make you laugh.

What’s new in this edition?

The text, examples, and cases have been updated to reflect current legal practice.

There are two new parts, What is good writing? and How misunderstandings arise. Some of the text from the 2nd edition has been expanded and there are several entirely new chapters: Who says what's right?, How to start, Computer aids, Testing documents, The loss of non-textual clues, Misleading expectations, The boundaries of literacy and intelligence, and Translating and interpreting. There's also a new legal writing workshop.

For more details please look inside.

Law Society Publications
20 October 2017
Approx 285 pages
234mm x 146 mm
ISBN: 978-1-78-446048-8